Auction Information


Do you want to donate an Auction item?


There will be a silent auction and a live auction on the night. We aim to have something there for everyone or get together with a group and bid on one of the bigger prizes.

People love to bid on things they can’t find anywhere else… things they consider priceless. As an auction supporter, we suggest you donate items to the auction that are not offered for sale elsewhere.


Examples of good experiences to offer include:



  • a backstage pass to a ballet performance 
  • the opportunity for you and a friend to play golf or rugby, or to race a car with two members of the local professional team etc
  • The chance to meet and greet local or national heroes

  • Limited release artwork


Service Ideas


Services performed by your staff, your board or a group of your supporters are great silent auction ideas.  For example, your staff could host a party for the winner and 10 of their friends at the boss’ house where the team cooks the food, waits on tables and plays bartender.  Or a group of staff members could offer to clean the winner’s house.  Likewise, your staff could take the winner’s car to get oil changes every three months for a year.  Be creative!



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